LL-HLS Test Page

With the Low Latency HLS specification being slowly finalised by Apple in anticipation of the iOS14 release in September, THEO has been developing an extension of THEOplayer which supports Low Latency HLS across all different platforms.

LL-HLS allows to deliver streams at low latency and is a great way to reach the Apple ecosystem. Thanks to THEOplayer with LL-HLS, you can reuse these same streams to deliver your content with low latency across all platforms.

In the player below you can see our industry-leading LL-HLS support in action and test it out yourself. Our friends at Wowza have kindly provided a stream from their LL-HLS packager implementation. The current player is a beta version and under heavy development, anticipating a public release soon.

Please note: This page is best viewed on common desktop browsers. Achievable latency in this demo is dependent on your local network and configuration. Contact us below to help you optimise your stream for your specific use case.


Player Info

Current Statistics

  • Latency: -
  • Timestamp: -
  • Buffer Size: -

Manage Fixed Latency

  • Enabled:
  • Latency: Unknown
  • Window: Unknown
  • Seek: Unknown
  • Rate: Unknown

Would you like to find out more about implementing Low Latency HLS in THEOplayer? Our team of THEO experts would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your particular use case. Get in contact with our team today.



Download Webinar Recording: LL-HLS State of the Industry

Hosted by our CTO, Pieter-Jan Speelmans





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