DRM and AES-128 content protection with THEOplayer

Note: the DRM example only supports Widevine and PlayReady.

About AES-128 Encryption

For HLS users, content protection is as much an important issue to deal with as it is for MPEG-DASH clients. AES-128 Encryption is a widely used algorithm to protect sensitive data. Interesting fact: it takes years to crack such encryption. THEOplayer decrypts and plays back your HLS stream in real-time, which means you can be sure that only authorized users can view your content.

About Digital Rights Management

In times of an all-time high of piracy and phasing out of Microsoft Silverlight, DRM solutions enable you to protect your content when it reaches your viewers.

Our MPEG-DASH player has integrated support for various DRM solutions such as Widevine and PlayReady as well as integration with multi-DRM solutions. All of them ensure to make your video available on all devices and platforms and guarantee world-class quality on top of that.

Check our list of partners where you can see our DRM integrations or simply download our datasheet here. IF you have any other questions feel free to reach us. We will happily answer within 1 working day.