Google Dynamic Ad Insertion

Google DFP is trying to tackle problems such as intrusiveness, the inability to close or pause and video content not playing after an ad break. The solution is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). THEOplayer is now pre-integrated with Google DFP DAI, allowing you to deliver the most enjoyable viewer experience. For playing this demo, please first disable your ad blocker*.

*Adblockers in a SSAI environment (like Google DFP DAI) are unable to block just the ads but the whole content instead. If viewers want to enjoy the content, they will have to disable their ad blocker no matter what.


         Color for content streamed

         Color for ads streamed

         Color for stream player location

Do you want to know more about THEOplayer's ad capabilities and how to advertise with it? Apart from Google DFP, we developed an ad tester tool so you can try your ad streams (VAST, VPAID, VMAP) in our player. Click the button to go to our ad tester tool.