Multi CDN for Cost Saving


Let's use a case: suppose your content is hosted on two different content delivery networks: CDN1 and CDN2. CDN1 is really fast but traffic to this CDN is expensive. CDN2 is a bit slower, but traffic is cheaper. Since our users want content with minimal startup delay, we will start serving all videos from CDN1. However, when we have enough data buffered (we define this as 10s of video), we can switch to CDN2. In this manner, the user experiences minimal startup delay but, at the same time, we also optimise the server cost by switching to CDN2 when CDN1 loses its speediness added value. This is a clear example of CDN cost optimisation.

This is possible thanks to THEOplayer's API that allows you to intercept network requests and responses and change them to your needs by, for instance, redirecting the network traffic from your different content delivery networks. In addition we can determine which segments were fetched from which CDN by adding a response interceptor which updates a counter based on the response.

Play the demo and check how you can optimise costs from the first second


Single CDN (Case 1) and Multi CDN (Case 2) Cost Comparison

  CDN Unit price Amount Subtotal Total
Case 1 CDN 1 0.1      
Case 2 CDN 1 0.1      
  CDN 2 0.05      

Total amount saved:

0.0 euro
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