Test your LL-DASH stream

THEO is the worldwide frontrunner in supporting Low Latency DASH (CMAF-CTE) playback across compatible platforms, enabling an efficient and scalable low latency approach, which is adaptable to variable network conditions. 

In the player below you can see our industry-leading LL-DASH support in action and test it out yourself. Our friends at Akamai have kindly provided their stream as a default option, but you can just paste in your own LL-DASH stream below and click the 'LOAD YOUR STREAM' button to test it out.

Please note: this page is best viewed on common desktop browsers. Achievable latency in this demo is dependent on your stream's configuration. Contact us below to help you optimise your stream for your specific use case.

Player Stats

Player Properties

  • Amount Of Seconds Played: Unknown
  • Autoplay: Unknown
  • Current Buffer: Unknown
  • Current ReadyState: Unknown
  • Initial Start-up Time: Not Yet Started
  • Muted: Unknown
  • Paused: Unknown
  • PlayBackRate: Unknown
  • Seeking: Unknown
  • Volume: Unknown
  • Waiting: False

Casting Properties

  • Casting: No
  • Receiver name: -
  • State: unknown


Active Video Track

  • Active Representation: Unknown
  • Available qualities:
  • Label: Unknown

Active Audio Track

  • Active Representation: No Qualities Available
  • Available qualities:
  • Label: Unknown
  • Language:

Active Text Track

  • Label: Unknown
  • Language: Unknown

Event log

Would you like to find out more about implementing Low Latency DASH in THEOplayer? Our team of THEO experts would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your particular use case. Get in contact with our team today.