THEOplayer playback statistics

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Player Stats

Player Properties

  • Amount Of Seconds Played: Unknown
  • Autoplay: Unknown
  • Current Buffer: Unknown
  • Current ReadyState: Unknown
  • Initial Start-up Time: Not Yet Started
  • Muted: Unknown
  • Paused: Unknown
  • PlayBackRate: Unknown
  • Seeking: Unknown
  • Volume: Unknown
  • Waiting: False

Casting Properties

  • Casting: No
  • Receiver name: -
  • State: unknown


Active Video Track

  • Active Representation: Unknown
  • Available qualitities:
  • Label: Unknown

Active Audio Track

  • Active Representation: No Qualities Available
  • Available qualitities:
  • Label: Unknown
  • Language:

Active Text Track

  • Label: Unknown
  • Language: Unknown

Event log

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